Marcel Mouly

Marcel Mouly

We’re committed to providing artwork for enjoyment 

We believe that enjoyment and pleasure can be had by incorporating art into our everyday lives and homes. Admiring a piece of art can be fun, relaxing, entertaining, even amusing.  There are not rules or reasons that prevent anyone from simply looking at a work of art, and enjoying it.  An understanding of the historical elements of the works, or the technical construction of the piece is not required to admire and then enjoy the pure esthetic pleasure of the the artwork.  

We’re committed to enriching lives through artwork

We strive to bring artwork into the lives of everyone, especially children.  When children have arts integrated into their curriculum, studies have found that they showed more motivation, paid closer attention, remembered more of what they learned.  Art is thought to inspire critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, confidence.   Art in the Fields strives to bring access to art to children, families, and individuals who may not live in metropolitan areas where access to galleries is more easily available.

We’re committed to providing artwork with value

We focus on providing time tested artworks of significance into Art in the Fields Gallery.   The art works you will find here have traded hands before, have an established value, and are often referred to as secondary art.  (As opposed to primary art, where the artist is selling it for the first time and most pieces are originals.)  Numbered limited edition lithographs of significant works, signed by the artist, in good condition, are the focus of Art in the Fields Gallery.  At a fraction of the cost of originals, high quality art of value can be enjoyed in your home or business.

Proposed 6 South Main Street, Berlin, MD  Model 2015 

Proposed 6 South Main Street, Berlin, MD  Model 2015 

Featuring modern art from the 20th century, we span the spectrum from post impressionism to pop art.  Let you eyes and mind absorb the creations of the 1900s with original works, signed and numbered serigraphs, and high quality lithographs.


Colorful Walls, Colorful Minds:  Enriching Lives

The Art in the Fields Gallery provides 20th century original works and high quality lithographs.

Art in the Fields Gallery carries signed and numbered lithographs as well as original works of art - from post impressionist works from the early 1900s to the Pop Art of Andy Warhol - and a spectrum of artists in between.  We strive to bring to you time tested art from the secondary market and make it available to purchase and enjoy in your home or business.

We strongly believe that embracing art is a wonderful way to improve quality of life.   Enjoy the esthetic value, the mental well being, and the rich history of art.                   

Since Art in the Fields became a reality in 2014, it has had a mission to help enrich the lives of people by connecting significant art from the secondary market with individuals for enjoyment, enrichment, and value.   

Launched in Berlin, Maryland by an art loving local couple who spent years in the computer software business, Art in the Fields strives to make artwork a part of your life.